Oxygen Style for Emerald

I had to switch from KWin to Compiz-Fusion since KWin with or without Composite tended to bring my system’s performance rate almost to a grinding halt.

I also had to use Emerald for window decorations. There’s one nuisance about it, though. Most of the themes look cartoon-ish and simply break this almost perfect look of Oxygen Style you can see in KDE 4.5.

I googled up a few solutions and one turned out to be almost what I was looking for. Alas, it looks.. well shall I say a little awkward?

It’s a typical Emerald theme – bulky and looking cartoon-ish – that incorporates Oxygen Style imagery and color scheme.

I wanted a theme that would resemble an Oxygen Style that is found in KDE as much closely as is possible. I found none so I created one for myself. And I’m writing this post to share it with you, of course. Not to just tease. I’m all for sharing information and stuff (no, not money. Don’t bother to ask).

Let met show how it looks:

Oxygen Emerald KDE 4.5 v.1.0

As I said it’s a derivative work. The changes are the following:

  • smaller size window control buttons (15px height, just as original KDE Oxygen theme)
  • button distances resemble those in KDE’s native Oxygen Style: Close button is separated from Minimize and Maximize
  • no glow and animation for control buttons in on hover state
  • smaller size decoration borders (top, bottom, left, right)
  • Smaller title font
  • Black shadow instead of light blue

So, if you’re interested you can download my Emerald Oxygen KDE 4.5 version 1.0 theme on Compiz-Themes.org. You can vote (and you should) and you can also favorite this theme if you like it (do it if this is the case! :]