RTFM or die!

I get really intrigued when people start RTFM‘ing me on IRC in response to concrete short questions. It’s like you ask “Do I have to use yum to install packages in CentOS?” Instead of answering “Yes” there’s
always someone who doesn’t really know for sure what to answer and so they start writing too much, in a vague style, a message that we’ve all come to know as RTFM type of response. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s often misused from position of elitism and has a strong stench of snobbishness.

“You’re too stupid! You can’t grok a simple shell script you’re not worthy of our attention!”

BS. And waste of time really. Simply counterproductive and demonstrates ego problems of the author of a message.

Beware of this type of folks on IRC, perhaps on the Internet and RL too!


2 thoughts on “RTFM or die!

  1. Yes, I really agree.
    Some people has a different attitude: they answer you,
    but the answers are not correct. If you do it exactly as they explained, you will fail, because their answer was not exact.
    If mourning about it, and say, that you did it this way, the answer will be: blaming you, that you are not creatively looking for the solution and do it difrferently than what the answer claimed.

    These are the same people, who often tell you, you have to do it exactly the way they told you.

    But when they did answer nonsense, and you did it exactly as they answered, they blame you again.

    These kind of people will be unable to write any good documentation, they insist on being the cool people (elitist, as you called them, is a good term here), but they answer bullshit,
    which you have to follow, and if you do, and it does not work, they blame you again.

    Many intolerant ego-idiots out there…

    • Oh, I couldn’t agree more. Those are armchair warriors type of kids (no pun intended albeit may truly reflect the state of their psychological development relative to age lol). They feel superior and invincible behind the glowing screen and most likely long distance between them and you, so they just need to remind them how great they are instead of trying to actually help.

      Sigh. Never mind those types. There are plenty of initelligent, polite and open-minded on IRC usually. It’s worth the hassle of bumping into a few rotten apples.

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